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The Golden Rule Doesn't Apply to McCain

There is only one law that applies in all situations--every time--and is,  moreover, known by virtually every population on earth in one form or another.

That singular law is TheGolden Rule.

Over the years, I had read other versions of,  "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." I looked for them here and there from time to time. Today, I finally found them collected in one place. It was a timely find, considering that today, the US Senate has embarked on a path of doing more harm to more people with a single law than I can recall in my lifetime or in reading history.

 Their vote to begin debating the non-existent Obamacare repeal bill--a sort of magic incantation in the evil mind of Mitch McConnell, not yet revealed to mortals--perfectly demonstrates, beyond a shadow of doubt, that the US Senate does not follow the Golden Rule.

John McCain, bogus war hero and consort of a witless millionairess, certainly does not follow it. Indeed, his flowery and completely d…

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