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Why Moron Le Pen is always on the BBC

My Facebook page has been filled with people wondering why the BBC has such a fascination with French far-right moron, Marine LePen. Why should they bother with a French politician, anyway? After all, France is in the EU and the Brits are pulling out, so they can have their Little England back. So WHY, for gods' sake?

Simple. The forces of darkness have achieved their goal but it is at risk, for it is widely known that they have done it by theft. What else could one consider a nation-destroying maneuver based on the NON-BINDING opinion of very few voters, and those deluded by lies admitted by the liars the minute the votes were in?

The referendum was bogus in the first place, a cravenly cynical way for a failing Tory party to gain followers among the lowest of the UK's humanity, the cretinous followers of UKIP. But that, too, worked, to a point, for the Tories, a party which, in the dissolution of UKIP with the departure of its dissolute leader, Nigel Farage, has become UKIP in …

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