Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Brother against brother? Yes

Civil War era artwork of Lady Liberty with the American flag.
This morning, I noted that a friend had put up the following statement on Facebook: "It looks as if it is going to be brother against brother."

Yes, it is. It is the same in the UK over Brexit, if not quite as violent. I have dismissed cousins over the Cheeto issue. I have dismissed my homeopath in the UK over the Brexit issue.

These divisions are not simply between Democrat and Republican, Tory and Labour, divisions of reasonable people on exactly how public life is to be approached, with discussion and compromise. These are divisions engineered by those who want power, ALL the power, and will do--and have done--anything at all to get it. Lies are the least of it.

There is a single hand behind it all, which is not to say there aren't lots of willing flunkeys, including Cheeto and Farage and May and McConnell ad infinitum it almost seems. The hand is Putin.

Years ago, a man named Robert Gerrard spoke at the Religious Science Church (not Scientology; Religious Science is a spiritual philosophy) in Fort Lauderdale when I lived there in the mid-80s. He was fascinating. He said that no matter what happened in the future with Russia, it could never, ever be trusted because power and enslavement of the weak was its spiritual profile. His warning has come to pass.

Americans and Britons think, just because Communism is not extant in Russia anymore, Russia's leaders are normal. They are not. They are despots just like centuries of despots--mad strongmen--the Russian people have been willing and even eager to follow. It would be well to recall that a great many US and UK Jews are descended from people who fled to those two nations because of the pogroms; it would be well to recall that there simply are few Jews left in Russia, so there is little problem. Ditto—and more so--for blacks. Even the darker people around the Caspian Sea have proved too swarthy for the Russians, and so they have marginalized and bedeviled them.
When you do an image search for Mother Russia, this is one of the images you get.
When Barter Theatre took a play on the road to Rybinsk 20 years ago, one of the black actors who went told me people ran up to him in the streets of St. Petersburg to touch him to see if the color rubbed off. That's not really an aside; Putin has a "cleansed" society; all that's left are Russians (he has gone after the Asians and other non-Russians hammer and tongs, as noted above), and he would like the whole world to be HIS world and be the same as Mother Russia, the frozen, heartless tracks of forest and frost and ugly cities stretching from the border with Europe to the Pacific Ocean.

If Americans and Britons want to ignore the very real history and the very real nature of Russia, then it's all over. Clearly some do; they are masquerading as Nazis, but if it turns out that it is really some Putinist thing they are to be, then that's what they'll be. They are power-mad, like those they admire, but lacking anything but false bravado and cheap weapons with which to imitate them.

Vladimir Putin is the wealthiest human on earth, and he didn't get there by selling candy bars door to door. He got there by threats, violence, subterfuge, the very same tactics now used by the so-called president of the US, and to a lesser degree by the UK's PM. Cheeto doesn't have the balls Putin has; he can be caved. But yes, I think it will take brother against brother to do it, and frankly, whoever has the biggest balls wins.

Blood brothers, make no mistake. The one on the right is dominant.
I think we had all better hope that the mainly pacifist left learns that there are times for every season. This is the season of the witch, and the witch must die.


A personal note: We are returning to the UK from France shortly for many, many reasons, none of which involves the French people, whom we have found to be universally pleasant, welcoming and sensible. Among my personal reasons is the desire to be there to help shift Putin's despicable horde out of public life in the UK and restore the very pleasant, kind and livable UK I found when I first moved there 7 years ago, when a Labour government was still in power. (I hasten to add, the current Labour leader has been co-opted by the forces of evil, so it will be quite a battle.) I expect to continue writing about both the US and the UK, as I have done, and not about France at all; the French don't need my help--they elected Macron and sent LePen to the trash bin--but clearly, the Anglo world needs every ounce of help it can get.

Copyright 2017 by Laura Harrison McBride

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