Thursday, August 31, 2017

Shit floats: Only explanation for Cheeto still being around

We can only hope. (The Guardian)

When Hurricane Katrina all but killed off New Orleans, and Bush showed a massive degree of ineptitude in dealing with it, we thought we had seen the last of that sort of presidential malfeasance.

Just this morning, I saw a photo of Bush hugging a hurricane victim, comforting her, as Mr. Obama later did in the disastrous East Coast hurricane during his tenure.

So maybe Bush wasn't so bad. I mean, I don't recall people on Facebook actually wanting him to die, as is seen so often regarding 45. Those of us who knew he was certainly in the bottom third of presidents simply wanted him to go away before he made a bigger mess.

BLOATUS and the HO-tus can do nothing but create disasters; they ARE disasters. One can only produce what one is. Example: Mother Theresa could produce only good effects because she was 99% good herself.

BLOATUS and the HO-tus are at least 99% pure crap. Maybe, to borrow from Ivory Snow commercials, they are 99 and 44/100ths percent pure crap. And so, what they produce and what they attract is almost impenetrable crap, also explaining why it is so difficult to get rid of them. Those of their supporters--Republicans in Congress, for example--who are only 79% pure crap often use their own 21% vestigial decency to excuse BLOATUS.

As for citizens, apparently, about 30% +/- of American citizens are, at minimum, 79% pure crap. Can you imagine showing up to see a man who had just made it possible for his crony bad-builder friends to erect flood- and storm-damage prone buildings in future, and then had the nerve to come and hold an impromptu re-election rally? Unless, of course, you had come to protest, which they hadn't. These are the part of the gene pool that should have perished, not the nurse who died saving her child, not the old couple found floating in the home they loved, not the policeman hurrying through the rising waters to help.

The fact that neither BLOATUS nor his slavering, mangy, manky, skanky followers has a clue that they are, in fact, virtually 100% pure crap should be enough for those who are no more than 79% pure crap to marginalize them, to get them out of public life, to ignore their sickening howls for emoluments they do not deserve. On the basis of his behavior regarding Hurricane Harvey alone--and his daughter's simultaneous promotion of tax reform to deliver more money to the wealthy--BLOATUS needs to be tossed out of office. Impeached? Well, OK. But it takes a while and costs a lot of money.
The lowest end of the American gene pool greets BLOATUS at Corpus Cristi firehouse during Hurricane Harvey disaster. If you know any of them, please post their names so humans can unfriend them.

Just invoke Article 25 and have done with it. Done with him. Done with the disaster Putin has installed in the White House. Done with BLOTUS and his sleeper wife, HO-tus. Done with his plastic, moronic, talentless daughter. Done with his Beavis and Butthead sons. Done with his bar slime hangers on. Done with his footsie with the perennial evil empire, Mother Russia. Done with his patty-fanny with Frogboy Farage's UK, now on its own killing ground because of Putin's adventuring into its politics through Farage and Boris Johnson, characters at least as despicable as BLOATUS.

Sure, we'd probably get Pence then. But while he is a dumbshit faux-Christian, he's probably no more than 83% pure crap. So it would be an improvement. At least, we would save some money on BLOATUS' and HO-tus' gilt-edged lifestyle, leaving us more money and more time to defend American democracy from the scary, ragged, uneducated end of the basically hollow Republican Party.

And that we must do to survive.

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