Sunday, September 3, 2017

Brexit: The 3 top reasons Leavers are dumber than Trump

Boris Johnson, poster boy for all that's wrong with the Tories, Brexit and public school boys--and Leavers followed the fool
People had all sorts of excuses for voting Leave in last summer's ill-conceived referendum, an instrument of public import that was no more well-thought-out than the average questionnaire regarding your preference in hand soap slipped into your grocery bag. And that's about how much influence it should have had on UK politics.

But of course, the Tory party is nothing if not a collection of useless public school boys looking for love/more money anyplace they can find it. So they elevated their schoolboy search for love in all the wrong places to a position of NATIONAL IMPORTANCE, when, really, they were just masturbating because they couldn't get the bankroll of their dreams without working for it. We should have washed our hands of their juvenile prank, and then told them to go wash theirs...since they had been busy masturbating for more than six years.

However, they quickly spread their whining throughout a group of voters who were also not feeling the love.

 Of course those voters weren't feeling the love;  Tories, who equate money directly with love, had put those voters on an austerity diet so the Tories themselves could rake off more from what are meant to be public coffers--the NHS, education, housing. Or privatise functions, and give those functions to their poor friends, the ones living on less than 500K a year.

At referendum time, the Tories were bloated with money, but they were starved for power; the peasants were starved for love. All this made a perfect storm for vampires named Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Iain Duncan Smith, Jeremy Hunt, Theresa May and a small nest of additional vipers, most of them figuratively or literally under the thumb of Vladimir Putin. Chief among the Putin dupes is, of course, Nigel Farage. 

Luckily for the Tories, and unluckily for the nation, when peasants are starved for love, they'll even take a known abuser into the house. Which they did. In droves. (Fortunately, they began to see how badly they were likely to get bashed, so turned a goodly number of them out recently. Unfortunately, they replaced the vipers with a large, two-mouthed rat named Jeremy Corbyn and his little ratling of a completely useless Labour party.)

But, on to the meat of it all, the reasons Leavers are dumber than Trump

No. 1, then and now: Because of the £350 million for the NHS.

Crap quotient: 100%. Did they really think the EU was going to say the UK could just walk away without paying something, like all its neighbours, for the privilege of 70 years of peace? For cleaner oceans and air? For being a destination beloved of global tourists? For building an intertwined economy that can hold its own regardless of what former superpower US was up to? And, of course, German-nationality seeker/Putin BFF-wannabe Nigel Farage lied about it from the start. Could Leave voters not figure out that a man who failed to become an MP seven times, finally made it as an MEP and proceeded to bite the hand that feeds him--the EU--was no damn good? And therefore anything he tried to push on them was no damn good? Can you spell astonishingly credulous? (No, well, look it up.)

Sir Alec Issigonis, Greek-born inventor of the beloved Mini

No. 2,  then and now: Because foreigners are taking our jobs.

Crap quotient: 100%. Who is it picking those crops, emptying those bedpans? Right, you are. You aren't? Really? Wot's that then? Yer on the dole and it would go away if you took a job. But you didn't want those filthy immigrants to do it. And now you think completing a Brexit would fix things? About the same way another hammer blow fixes a broken clock.

No. 3, then and now: Because...sovereignty.

Crap quotient: 100%.  No matter that most of you have no clue what it means and couldn't manage to have any if you were tossed out of your Council house on your butt with no job and no benefits either. Sovereignty means control of your own destiny. Possibly you can tell me how a nation that runs itself, as the UK does, has lost its sovereignty. It cannot lose it by cooperating for mutual good with its neighbours, any more than you lose your individual sovereignty if you agree with your neighbor that you'll grow tomatoes because your soil is good for that, and he'll grow beets because his soil is good for that. And then you'll share, and together sell off any excess. Or, if your crops fail, you'll arrange to buy some from someone else at a good price.  Cooperation does not equal loss of sovereignty; it equals being a responsible member of a peaceful community, which sometimes requires compromise. Not loss of sovereignty; compromise.  Look it up.

Copyright 2017 by Laura Harrison McBride

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