Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Trickle down theory; it works for cruelty

And ANY nation elected this depraved moron why?

According to the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect, in the US, the person posing as the president:
  1. Creates his own media
  2. Exploits youth at a rally
  3. Endorses police brutality
  4. Demonizes people who believe, look or love differently
  5. Strips vulnerable people of their jobs, families and ability to live
  6. Thinks he should have more power. 
In the UK, Prime Minister Theresa May has introduced a bill in Parliament that would give her virtually dictatorial powers, a level of power in the hands of one person not seen in England since Henry VIII. Please note: "Off with her head" was the signal phrase of Henry's vicious reign.

But that's another story. Today, let us look, via the Anne Frank Center's list, at how the trickle down theory works for cruelty in America.
1. The Poser in the White House calls all media except that which he has created (and yes, there is now Trump TV) "fake." How is that cruel? First, his own media extols his cruel actions as good; those actions include, among other things, demonizing children brought to the US as infants, and now about to be kicked out of the only home they've ever known. The so-called "fake" news outlets, then, when they object to the Poser's lies, are discounted in the eyes of those who follow the false president. 
If the standard news media is offering what Trump calls fake, and they believe Trump, then the news media must be wrong. 
The standard news media (and human decency) says it is wrong to punish immigrant children for being brought to the US by their parents; but their claims are "fake" according to the Poser, so it's OK to be mean to those now half-grown children.  It's a convoluted process, but workable. You can't fool all of the people all of the time, but you can fool fools most of the time.

2. Exploits youth at a rally. The Poser in the White House attends a convention of young men whose avowed aim is to be helpful to others, the Boy Scouts of America. He then says horrible things about his predecessor in office, and tells with great glee about the off-color and unethical--not to say immoral--exploits of one of his rich friends, whom he presents as a "great guy." Then he whips the youngsters into a frenzy. What are they to derive from this except that it is OK to say cruel things about others in public, it is OK to act in an unethical and immoral manner and brag about it, even collect admiration because of it?

3. Endorses police brutality. The Poser has pardoned a sheriff, Joe Arpaio, whose cruelty to those arrested and whose contravention of the legal system and constitutional guarantees is legendary. What are people to think except that it is now all right to decide to follow only those laws that accord with their biases, even if their biases are cruel? After all, the Poser made it acceptable.

4. Demonizes people who believe, look or love differently. Look no farther than the Poser's incredibly cruel, carried-on-national-TV imitation of a journalist who has a disability. What do people get from this? That mocking those who are different from the expected norm--REGARDLESS OF THEIR ACHIEVEMENTS--is acceptable. If it's OK to be cruel to the disabled, then it is equally acceptable to be cruel to those of other races and nationalities. The Poser went for the lowest possible cruelty--the only way it could have been more cruel was if he was mocking a black homosexual Buddhist from Mexico--opening cruelty as a universal panacea for the frustrations of his followers.

5. Strips vulnerable people of their jobs, families and ability to live. Even the most widely touted "success" of the Poser's job creation, Carrier Corp., is cutting jobs. The Poser has done virtually nothing for job creation; every time he crows about how great "his" economy is, he is really talking about the one his predecessor built over eight strenuous years after Mr. Obama's predecessor had pushed the US to the brink of another great recession. 
Even Mr. Obama couldn't turn around an economy in less than 8 months. The Poser has claimed from day one and to the present that the economy Mr. Obama built was built by the Poser. In days, then weeks, then months. It's a fiscal and physical impossibility, even if the Poser had the wits to do it, to turn an economy around literally  before one assumes office. 
In addition, the Poser is pushing for greater tax cuts for the rich, which will mean the poor will get less than they get now; you can't get blood from a stone, nor money from those who have none. 
And then there's his vow to overturn DACA, the program that allows young people brought to the US as infants to obtain citizenship. He is destroying lives and families, and pouring his excremental vomitus of anti-social activities over the nation's immigrant youth. Worse, he is literally pulling the rug out from under them--making their hard work and education count for nothing in a New York minute--and it doesn't get a whole lot more cruel than that. He is a role model for every marginally socialized racist in the nation, and his cruelty is trickling down.

Wealth and well-being does not trickle down. But there is no question about cruelty trickling down: it does. No millionaire is willing to let his/her ill-gotten gains trickle down, but most of them are willing to kick their own household staff, who in turn kick the gardeners....ad infinitum. The Poser has taken it to another level, enlisting the lowest on the ladder to engage in trickling cruelty over those few even lower, or blacker, or more disabled, or more foreign than they.

6. He thinks he should have more power.  On what planet.....?

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