Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Off with their the ballot box next time

Your future if May gets the Repeal Bill passed.
Few people understand the Repeal Bill. Here's the only truth you need to know: It would totally change  the way laws in the UK are created, giving "off with their heads" power to the Prime Minister, in this case a woman who has no more business in her job than I have running a nuclear power plant. In both cases, the disaster would likely be gargantuan.

How it works

In the UK, Primary Legislation are Acts of Parliament and must go through a long process of scrutiny and approval (or disapproval) by MPs and the House of Lords.

On the other hand, Secondary Legislation is made law often without any significant Parliamentary involvement. These laws can be quashed by the courts, however; primary legislation cannot, but can only be changed by Parliament itself.

Pretty good system; lots of input and checks and balances on the really important laws (primary), and less on the less important ones (secondary), but with the ability to remove them if the lack of scrutiny has produced a crappy law.

Gaming the system

But suppose you were a usurper of power, and thought Parliament would not rubber stamp laws you want--would not, in fact, create the primary legislation you desire. You could go with secondary legislation, as Parliament doesn't have to be involved and you could write anything. But what if Gina Miller got onto it, took it to court, and your clever little law was overturned?

If you're a despot, like May, that will never do. What to do? What to do? Your fragile ego cannot tolerate being taken to court and bested by an upstart like Gina Miller again. And of course, one must consider your promises to Nigel Farage, his overseer Putin, a raft of UK oligarchs hoping for a sewn-up financial system like Russia's....etc.

AHA! Make a secondary law that allows the Prime Minister to change primary laws. Obviously, she can't make a Primary Law that allows her to change primary laws, because she alone can't make a primary law. So she makes a secondary law that specifically allows her to alter primary laws.

Holy convolutions, Batman! Couldn't Gina Miller go to court to get that very secondary law--the one that hands the government to Theresa May on a take-away tray--quashed? One might assume she could.

Emasculating Parliament

But what if Frau Fuhrer wrote a secondary law that said it could not be overturned if it pertained to changes in a primary law? You see how this goes; Frau Fuhrer is building layers of protection against anyone being able to question the way she runs the government. I suppose it beats Kristallnacht, but not by much. The Repeal Bill is a precursor to any sort of excess Frau Fuhrer wishes to engage in, from allowing fracking in your back garden to banning anyone who ever shook hands with a Caribbean black person from remaining in the UK, to rounding up Muslims--or even the Irish--and sending them to concentration camps. 

Some, even many, MPs see the danger here. The House of Lords certainly sees it; after all, they are the last resort, generally speaking, and it would massively undermine their power to put the brakes on the loss of democracy.

But the imaginary pressure of Brexit is helping Frau Fuhrer to gather support for her scurrilous bill. Thus, she stirs the pot: What if we leave the EU without having transferred all  the EU laws into our own, thus leaving the UK with nothing to regulate business, food production, etc.? Scare tactic No. 1. But it's specious. At this point, there are still so many ways Brexit will never happen, they probably exceed the IQ of most Tories in office today. Even the current Parliament would no be so imbecilic as to attempt to run a government without a body of useful laws. To do so has a name: anarchy.

Absolute power to the absolute ninny

The only purpose of the Repeal Bill is to give Frau Fuhrer the absolute power to virtually overturn any EU law at all, at will, without the input of the MPs or the House of Lords. (And naturally, that power extends to ALL laws, not just those pertaining to the EU.)

The only time pressure, one of the spears she is using to try to ram this through, is that Frau Fuhrer wants the UK out of the EU as soon as possible so that she and her completely soul-dead cronies can make a small island into a large tax haven for hordes of oligarchs who've already begun profiting from the UK's misery. Sure, there is the imaginary date some year and a half hence, but since the referendum may yet be found to be illegal, she can't count on that. And the other members of the EU might well refuse to let the UK out of the union. So Brexit is by no means the done deal Frau Fuhrer would like us to think it is.

The US, a couple hundred years ago, had a rather large war about some states wanting to leave the union because they wanted to keep slaves, something the US would not let them do. While I doubt the EU would wage war against the UK, it won't have to. The simple fact of a veto by any other EU nation is likely to derail Brexit at the last, if the inability of Frau Fuhrer's illiterate negotiators to such much as express a principle doesn't do it first.

This is a desperate attempt by an out-of-her-depth hausfrau, living off the handouts of her financial advisor (read off-shoring) husband to gather to herself--her woefully inadequate self--decisions about what your employment rights are, what sort of protections your food has, whether your beloved can marry you and join you in the UK, etc.

The Repeal Bill must not pass. Write to your MP immediately, and tell him or her you have no desire to entertain the phrase "off with their heads" in your country, and if they do vote for it, it will be a political "off with their heads" for them next time at the ballot box.

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