Friday, December 8, 2017

RE: Al Franken, and how Congressional Democrats have sealed our doom

Al Franken, in happier times, before his basic decency was sacrificed on the altar of "bimbo ethics."'s a question: Why didn't the Democrats refuse to work with Bill Clinton when he was accused of fooling around with an intern?

Answer: Because a) they still had individual and collective brains,  b) Putin had not suborned them, and, c) they still had some vestiges of understanding that their job is not to be saints but to craft the best government they can for the people they represent.

The Democrats who apparently have refused to work with Al Franken, after the most recent accusation of a politician by a bimbo, have--more than Donnie Dumbshit himself--ensured the dissolution of the United States as we know it.

Putin now knows any US politician can be had for a nickel or less. Trump's ego has grown another fifteen yards and his hubris (it means, sort of, self-importance, Mr. Dumbshit) is spilling out all over the airwaves. The Democrats? Right. Like they have a model's chance in Cheeto's bedroom of coming out unscathed.

They have hung themselves out to dry, and the rest of us along with them. Blowing in the wind would be a vast improvement to the pounding and slicing we--by which I mean decent people and the Democrats we elected because we thought they would work for us--are going to get from the Evil Cadre known still as the Republicans. (As opposed to what they are and should be known by, the Phalanx of Satan.)

How did this happen? Reagan, addlepated old B-actor has-been puppet that he was, wrecked education, any semblance of honor among Washington's thieves, and the desire of the elected classes to actually serve those who were paying them, us. I won't go into chapter and verse; you can read most of it in my book, under the pen name Bryce Webster, A Nation of Serfs.
Reagan's depredations were later partly mitigated by Mr. Clinton, and something resembling a society attempting to take care of its people happened. Then Bush ruined it. Then Obama partly saved it again.

And now we have the end times, possibly not of the world if somehow Donnie Dumbshit doesn't blow it up in his "my daddy's is bigger than your daddy's" fight with Kim Jong Moron. But certainly of a decent life for the majority of US citizens, the ones who aren't outright murdered by the sudden, and even more profound, absences of medical care after Dumbshit disposes of Medicare and Medicaid, having made all medical expenses non-deductible and thereby shoving the middle-class down several rungs to the near-starvation currently enjoyed by much of the US working class and virtually all of its poor and disadvantaged.

And Democrats in the House and Senate, you are equally to blame. You sold out--for what?-- a decent man, and a good politician, over unproved allegations for which he apologized ANYWAY.

Frankly, Democrat politicians, you are truly too stupid to live.

Unfortunately, it is the rest of us who will die in droves for your perfidy.


Copyright 2017 by Laura Harrison McBride

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