Friday, January 19, 2018

So simple, even a Trumpanzee can understand it

Armed guard at Russian prison
Bad people sometimes get elected to office. People often differ on what constitutes a bad person.

Generally speaking, most agree that bad people tell lies and/or harm other people and/or steal things that belong to others.

Donald J. Trump has done all three, probably within the last ten minutes. No, almost certainly within the last ten minutes. How do I know? Because every word he utters and every action he takes shows that he intends to wreck the United States government and replace it with an unelected regime with power concentrated in his hands and subject to his every whim.

How do I know this? Most recently, because of his Fake News awards.

In that one execrable act, Donald J. Trump made it clear that the only truth is his--and considering he has been found to have lied more than 2000 times in less than a year--that alone is frightening. If you had spoken as many lies in the past year, do you think your family would still speak to you, your boss keep you employed, and the cops fail to come for you over one or another of those lies?That's 5.47 lies per day. And that's only the ones that were uttered in public and could be fact-checked. 

So there is no truth in Donald J. Trump.

Nor was there any in Adolph Hitler.

Hitler wanted to punish someone for the fact that he was a lousy artist and was refused entry to art school in Austria. He decided to punish someone for that slight to the despicable throwback's tiny ego; Jews would do for a start as they were identifiable, passive and generally wealthier than the rest of the population; their wealth came from the fact that, during the Middle Ages, most of Europe prohibited them from any profession except money-lending. This didn't seem to penetrate Hitler's screwed-on sideways brain.

Just so in the US. It escapes the shallow mentality of Donald J. Trump that identifiable immigrants perform most of the tasks Americans refuse to do--lawn care, garbage pick up, practical nursing and the like. The fact that he employs dozens of immigrants at his hotels to do such jobs makes no impression on his addled brain. And certainly none on his greedy, vicious soul.

Allowing a president to lie to you with impunity is the same thing--the very same thing--as giving him permission to do anything he wants to you. And he has already begun.


Where do you think the exportations will stop? ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) has already sundered intact families that contribute taxes and more to US life. Do you think they might deport your doctor if they decide maybe his parents documents were not in order? What about your nephew's wife who came on a student visa and married your nephew before it ran out? And had kids.

Health care

Do you think he will stop at telling you--as he did throughout his scurrilous campaign--that he will give you the BEST health care in the world, and then dump millions off the minimal system in place, once again letting for-profit insurance companies decide if YOU live or die. You think it is decided only for those too poor to buy insurance? Think again. With the insurance companies running things again, it could be YOUR spouse denied life-saving medicines because the cut-off age--they decide--is 60 and your spouse is 61. Tough, right?  


If you are truly an evil Trumpanzee, that's what you'll say. Otherwise, perhaps you will begin to see how purposefully making life worse for one American actually makes it worse, both potentially and in fact, for all. You cannot diminish the life of one ordinary person without the domino effect diminishing all. 

Example: Your spouse dies; your children grieve, then they begin to act out, drop out, have drug problems. You get sick from stress.  And through it all, you get no help from the government you pay for because your president has decided you are worthless. Yes, YOU. He told you that you were worthless--except as an expendable workhorse for the wealthy--by shifting more of your paycheck to his buddies through taxes, and by vacationing through one-third of the year on your tax monies.  

The USSR had only two news outlets, Tass and Izvestia. Both were owned by the government and no others permitted. Guess who protected citizens from government excess? No one.

Fake News, Real problem

By his Fake News awards, Donald J. Trump has just told you the following truths, all the while lying out of both sides of his little rosebud lips:

The legal system is about to be turned into a slave for his domination desires, and
There will be nothing you can do about it.

The judicial system is in place not only to punish the wicked but to save the good. You probably think you are good; maybe you are. When there are no watchdogs, such as news media, to reveal when the judicial system goes wrong--when cops overstep, when judges are crooked, when for-profit incarceration such as owned by the current Attorney General destroys young lives for a buck--you are as likely as anyone--good or bad--to be abused by the system.

The news media--the actual news media, broadcast, print and internet--exists to keep government honest, and not the other way around. 

If government tells you it is keeping the news media honest--as Trump is trying to do via his cockamamie awards--what it is saying it that it does not want a news media capable of exposing the government's failures. It wants only propaganda, like Izvestia and news service Tass in the USSR. FOX NEWS IS TRUMP'S Izvestia. Do you think you'll like being owned by the state?

Open season on journalists

When government puts a price on the heads of journalists who report facts uncomfortable to the government, or express opinions the government doesn't like, freedom has ended.

With his Fake News awards, Donald J. Trump has issued a writ for bounty hunters to bring him the heads of bona fide journalists, expressing inconvenient facts or unapproved opinions. Journalists are killed quite often by those they report on; usually, by organized crime or by a third-world junta. Trump tacitly approved actions of fanatics, like the one who injured Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and killed one of her staff and an innocent child, to stalk journalists.

End times; you won't like it

When there are no journalists--the real journalists the Liar in Chief has labelled fake--who is going to protect you from his wholly owned and completely corrupt judicial system? A system run for profit by his hand-picked advisors like Attorney General Sessions to become rich.  Who will save your grandchildren from losing a parent in a pre-dawn ICE raid on immigrants? Who will write about your child dying because the for-profit hospital wouldn't treat her meningitis without payment up front, as she had no insurance? Who will report your company for forcing you to work in deadly fumes? Who will expose the mortgage lender repossessing your house after one late payment? Who?

I can tell you who won't save you: Donald J. Trump and his wholly owned subsidiary of truly fake news media, the ones who excuse racism, sexism, fascism and every sort of corruption, from shagging hookers and paying them to keep mum, to running a bogus university to fool young people into parting with their money for nothing, to flouting the laws he has been charged with upholding, and so much more. He will continue his theft; he is  spending one-third of the time our taxes pay for golfing, another third of it tweeting, and the rest sleeping, eating, or figuring out new ways to screw Americans out of their money and their freedom.

It's up to you. Join him and find yourself, eventually, afoul of one of his draconian schemes. Find yourself in a for-profit jail with no hope of an honest lawyer because the real news media has been tossed out of the White House (already happened), killed by fanatics, or employed not by the judicial system, but by the executive branch to serve its own interests. Not yours.

Or resist him to the best of your ability and reclaim the true America, the land of the free and home of the brave, that is rapidly turning into the land of the slave and the home of the cowardly, with a liar, draft dodger, bankrupt, vulgarian, sexual predator in charge.

What could possibly go wrong?


Copyright 2018, Laura Harrison McBride

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