Tuesday, January 2, 2018

There's a word for you, Mrs. May

Trump told May that Brexit will be a wonderful thing for the UK at his first meeting with her. NO, it will mean delivering western Europe to Putin before it's all over. (Is Demento staring down her cleavage? Looks like it. And she's clueless.)

The word is scoundrel.

There is no other word to describe a woman so deluded that she thinks the phrase "Brexit means Brexit" has any meaning at all, but yet promotes it as if it were a concept guaranteed to wipe out cancer.

There is no other word to describe a woman who presides over tragedies like the Grenfell Towers disaster without so much as inquiring, in person, after the welfare of those who lived through the result of her party's negligence, nor eulogizing those who died on her watch.

There is no other word to describe a woman who is so callous toward the population she supposedly leads that she would sell off their health care to the highest bidders among US Big Pharma and managed care companies, so she and her cronies can buy stock and get even richer off the suffering of Britons.

There is no other word for a woman who would ram the disastrous Brexit down citizens' throats so her husband can make them richer before EU rules on off-shoring money and investments kick in two years from now.

There is no other word for a woman who would entrust any part of any government program to mental deficients like Mr. Davis and Mr. Johnson and Mr. Gove and Mr. Hunt.

There is no other word for a woman who would bowdlerize the resignation letter of a member of her own government, Lord Adonis, to gloss over his on-target indictment of her cockamamie policies and disastrous plans for the people of the UK. I'm sorry; I didn't mean bowdlerize. That's too soft a word for what she did. She altered it to give it a different meaning. In short, she made it appear that Lord Adonis had said the opposite of what he did say to protect her own pitiful ass. I can think of no more despicable form of lying than changing another's words to suit yourself. Chicanery, pure and simple.

There is no other word for a woman who would allow the traitor Nigel Farage within spitting distance of the UK government, never mind send that forlorn little weaselly Putin-tate to Ireland to see what misery he can get started there. To be in the same room with Nigel Farage, especially as the putative leader of a nation he and his handler, Putin, have single-handedly put through any number of wringers, bespeaks either complete imbecility or collusion with Putin. It can be nothing else. You are either an imbecile or a traitor, Mrs. May, and sooner or later, we will know which.

There is no other word to describe a woman who lied about calling for a snap election and then, when she was shown in no uncertain terms that her plans were unacceptable to the population, sought other ways to cram her wicked plans through Parliament.

There is no other word to describe a woman who holds on to power with her talons by making a deal with devils like the DUP and other throwbacks/fascists in modern politics.

There is no other word for a woman who, in realizing her poker face about Brexit hasn't helped her win it yet, decides to appoint ringers to hand her the straight flush; she intends to add 59 pro-Brexit Tory wankers to the House of Lords. There's no honour among thieves, it is true, so she's stacking the deck.

In short, Mrs. May has decided that she will become the first dictator in British history.

OK. Perhaps scoundrel is too soft a word.

Copyright 2018 by Laura Harrison McBride

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