Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Why is May determined on a hard Brexit? She doesn't fancy jail time.

Nice poster, except it explains Theresa May all too well. Scared people are dangerous people.

For the moment, the UK is still part of the EU.

And that is a BIG problem for those who used Cambridge Analytica--Nigel Farage and his puppeteers Arron Banks and Vladimir Putin, but also for Theresa May. Farage and Banks used CA to hijack the much-too-unspecific "advisory" referendum regarding the UK's membership in the EU. And May was one of their premier dupes.

However, the EU now knows about Farage and Co. deceit, their likely collusion with Russia, and the obscenely dirty tricks developed and played by Farage and Cambridge Analytica to trick UK citizens into voting for poverty and misery.  

Dirty tricks on a massive scale

CA portrayed the EU to gullible UK voters as "Big Brother," an intrusive outsider. Their lies and tricks convinced less savvy Brits that the EU runs the UK. In fact, when the referendum arose, the UK more or less ran the EU, because we got EVERYTHING we ever asked the EU Parliament for. In 40 years, UK requests for exceptions were turned down less than a handful of times.

The Evil Cabal convinced some voters that Turkey would soon be an EU member state, when its human rights record is so abysmal, probably China would have a hard time accepting them.  It was a total lie.

They harped on UK dues funding recovery from economic disasters in other EU nations, such as Greece and Ireland; they forgot to mention both that those nations receiving loans were paying them back or already had, AND that the purpose of associations like the EU are for the purpose of helping each other. As they say, what goes around comes around. 

They also forgot to mention that the EU has paid for more improvements in Cornwall--not to mention farm and fishing subsidies--than the UK government.

You guessed it:  Big Brother is not the EU. Big Brother is Vladimir Putin, who hijacked Russia's nascent free government after the USSR fell, who is Trump's hero and puppeteer (all evidence isn't in yet, but enough to make a prima facie case), and who, if you had been watching, showed his hand before the referendum with his frequent, ominous submarine patrols in the Channel.

Too bad the UK doesn't have a RICO* law

There can be no question about collusion between Farage and Putin. Farage claims he has never been to Russia. So what? MOST traitors are careful to keep their illicit affiliations unknown, hence why spies have handlers. Whether May was privy to it at the time, or found out only recently how beholden she is to lies shopped by CA at the urging of Farage/Putin, she is complicit now. If she fails to push Brexit through, the Conservative Party is finished. If she fails, she is finished.

If she does push Brexit through, I suspect the Conservative Party will be in steep decline, or disbanded. Leavers without a job won't favour the party with goodwill, or with votes.

But now May is pressed by yet another reason she must push Brexit through. As long as the UK remains in the EU, it will be subject to any sanctions that the EU feels appropriate for engaging in anti-democratic dirty tricks on a scale that makes the 350 million quid signs on buses seem amateurish. Next to the direct, constant, targeted psychological ops the Leave campaign, with Cambridge Analytica's mining of Facebook for subscribers' preferences, obvious bus signs were just a bit of icing on that Devil's Food Cake. She MUST get the UK out of the EU to avoid being punished, one way or another, for being complicit with crooks in engineering the downfall of the UK via its exit from the EU.

I doubt May has anywhere to hide. Yesterday, the EU's most cogent voice, Guy Verhofstadt, guaranteed that the Pandora's box of sins by Cambridge Analytica will be cracked open by the EU, and the demonic maneuvers of May, Farage, and the band of other thinly veiled fascists now controlling the Conservative Party brought to light. He called it an "absolute scandal." He is not going to give it a free pass.

Knowledge dawns slowly

There is overwhelming evidence that at least half of the Leavers now know they were duped, and that their nation is being ruined; many have volubly decided they'd rather Remain. May has steadfastly ignored this sea change, and the possible exposure of Cambridge Analytica's dirty deeds, now come to pass, is why.

May must not get away with it. The misdeeds of Cambridge Analytica must rout the Tories, from buffoons like Boris Johnson to bagmen like David Davis to the Prime Minister herself. They will all be shown to be as fascist and greedy and useless as the slimy hanger-on they followed down the path to doom, Nigel Farage, Putin's bootlicker. 

I just hope the outing of a nest of cowards and traitors has not been left too late.

* Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

Coryright 2018 by Laura Harrison McBride


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